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Best Goods Transport Company in Pakistan

goods transport services in Pakistan

As Pak Khilji is working since 1931. That’s the main reason, we have the best experience in the transport field. Our elders believe to deliver the best quality. So, it is now our prime duty to follow the mission of our Khilji elders. We believe to have the best transportation service provider in Pakistan. Pak Khilji’s Goods Transport Company in Pakistan is working in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Sukkur, Quetta, and all main cities. Goods Transport Company in Pakistan.

We are Pak Khilji and we are the most famed Goods Transport Company in Pakistan. Moreover, we are already providing the most professional, effective, and affordable goods shipment services all over the country.  As an experienced Transport service provider, Even more, we love to adopt modern technology and experienced techniques. Which is always helping us to provide maximum benefits to our valued customers in minimum effort.

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Quality Management System

The main growth of the business is quality control system implementation. Which always fulfill the satisfaction of our customers inform of safe and on-time delivery.

Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, Pak Khilji has always loved to work with stakeholders like a friendly partner. Which is helping to give some extra benefits to both parties. That is what we learned from our elders.

Corporate Service

The main focus of our business is a corporate transportation system. Our company is already managing this system efficiently ut keep focusing on improvement in this system.

Our Advantages for Goods Transport Services

Secure Loading

On customer demand, we can provide secure truckload services with the help of our experienced team.

Transparent Pricing

Pak Khilji's transparent pricing system will provide our customers with very secret, professional, and affordable rates.

Easy & Quick Portal

To hire a single truck or need complete transportation service. Furthermore, Pak Khilji has made it easy with single-click booking.

Goods Transport Company in Pakistan

Advance Booking

We are also offering pre-booking services to secure timely delivery. And booking can be in weekly, monthly, daily or a specific date.

Live Tracking

Now, it's very easy to get a real-time update of your goods with the help of modern technology.

24/7 Service

Pak Khilji feels proud to stay in touch with our clients. That's why you can choose various options to stay connected with our 24*7 Customer Service.

Why We are The Best Goods Transportation Service in Pakistan

Rich Industry Experience​

Pak Khilji is in goods transport services field since 1931. And the experience of more than seven decades in this field is giving us the richest industry experience.

We are being experienced in transportation. Moreover, We have already experienced how a customer can bear a huge loss and can stake your business. That’s why we always suggest our customer tie relationships with an experienced service provider. It will not only give your satisfaction can also boost your business.

High-Quality & Competitive Pricing

After the experience, the most important for a company is to offer competitive prices to the customers. It is not only the reason why we are the best Service provider in Pakistan. The most important is the quality service provided by our company. That’s the tactic that we learned from our elders.

Maintaining quality at competitive prices is not a difficult task for a You can contact us for goods transport services company. If you want to achieve customer satisfaction you should focus on improvement with the help of modern technology and efficient work techniques.

Strong Network​

After experience and pricing strategy, the most valued part of the success is to create a network. And Pak Khilji is efficient in this network. We have already described below about of offices but here is some main office we want to share with you. You can contact us for goods transport services.

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Gwadar
  • Sukkar
  • Quetta

Top Transport Cities and Areas

Main Hub Offices


Why Us?

Here is why Pak Khilji company is the best among others goods transport services provider

24/7 Service

We operate anytime and move & deliver your stuff across Pakistan with safety and care.

Over 70 Vehicles

Our vehicles include 10-wheelers, dumpers, Mazda, bedford, and containers.

Expert Drivers

All our driving staff is security cleared and holds valid licenses for the vehicles

Estimated Time

Furthermore, we provide estimated delivery time for all our shipments.

Always on time

We ensure that we get the job done is a very professional and timely manners.

Expert Staff

When it comes to moving, our staff is expert enough to pack and handle your stuff with utmost care.

Our Clients

Driving logistics for leading brands in goods transport services

FAQ About Goods Transport Service

Why Should i Hire a Professional Transport Company?

Well, it depends on your selection. But if you want to transfer goods hassle-free to another location that is cost-effective and where you don't need to waste your energy. 

Why It Is the Best Conveying Company In Lahore?

Pak Khilji is offering its service since 1931 all over Pakistan. Now we have a systematic transport system. Our company is managing this transport system from Lahore with the most advanced equipment. In this modern technology, our team is working in the logistics transport field our team is fully equipped with modern transport types of equipment.

What are the Rates for Goods Shipments?

Rates depend on the items going to be transported. As we are fully equipped with modern technology. So, we are very economical rates for local, national, and international logistics.  Even more, you can request a free quote at Official number 03-111-222-073. Or click on Get a Quote

Is Goods Logistics Service is Available in Your Town?

Pak Khilji Transport Company is working all over the country.  A list of the cities including hubs of our stations is mentioned on this page. But pay special attention to Lahore, Karachi, Sukker, Quetta, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Multan. Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, and Shikarpiur.

Is It a Reliable Service Provider?

If you want to identify a company’s performance you should have knowledge of its backgrounds. The Positive sign of our company the working experience in this field. 

Types of Vehicles are using for Transportations?

Especially for transportation companies are depend on their vehicles.  Because the customer needs deliveries safe and sound. So there was a need for a new model of heavy-duty vehicles for this business. And here we have the main vehicles for this business. 

  • 40-Feet Containers
  • 10-Wheller
  • Dumper
  • Mazda
  • Bedford
  • 20-Feet Containers
  • Car Transporter

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Pak Khilji Offers Services other than Goods Transportation

Pak Khilji’s Goods Transport Services & Movers and Packers are the best options in comparison to the others because they give you excellent and dependable service without any issues. In addition, experts advise using sturdy cardboard boxes for other products and bubble wrap for packing delicate items.

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