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Storage and Warehousing Services Provider in Pakistan

Storage and Warehousing Pakistan

At Pak Khilji we aim to become one of the best storage and warehousing services provider in Pakistan that are important for any business. We understand that it is essential to find the proper warehousing and storage for their customers. Pak Khilji is offering you a trustworthy service where our team ensures that we provide you with a complete set of warehousing and logistics services.

With our 70+ years of experience and business of generation, our team ensures you a competitive advantage in every aspect. Our team manages all your requirements to ensure that you can focus on your business.

Our dedicated team manages your inventory in our warehouse under our supervision and tracks every aspect. There are many types of storage options. Whether you are looking for a short or a long time, we have covered your storage and warehousing services provider in Pakistan. We have made managing your inventory much easier, as you can get packing services from us. We monitor your products and label them correctly with complete checking.

On top of this, why not hire us for transportation as well? You can consider us for loading and transporting your products to distributors. We have various opportunities waiting for you.

What services do you get?

Safe Handling of items

At Pakkhilji, we understand that the client’s core importance is the safety of their inventory. To that aspect, we assure you 100% reliable safety. We have warehouses all over the nation and teams which ensure every product/ item is under supervision. Our security system is monitored 24/7, and our clients can check on the security anytime. CCTV cameras are installed all over the place to inspect everything.

Storage Facility

Sometimes due to a shortage of time or a temporary need for a warehouse or storage house. We are also giving the facility of short-term or long-term storage. Pak Khilji will provide a high-class and secure storage warehouse or Kothi/bungalow for safe storage. Moreover, these storage houses are fully equipped with modern requirements, thoroughly cleaned, and marked with highly protected and modern protection equipment.

Swift Packing of items

Pakkhilji offers you incredible offers for packing. Why not take advantage of it? When you have decided to choose our warehouse, you should choose our packing services. We provide quick picking, packing, and labelling of your goods per your requirements.

Control of inventory 24/7 and quality assurance

Pakkhilji has modern standards and teams that ensure every warehouse inventory is monitored and flexible enough. You can contact us 24/7 on our hotline for quality assurance and checking.

Optimise all budgets for the whole supply chain

You can consult our team to determine the budget for the whole supply chain. This would include packing, loading, unloading, transportation, and storage. You can have a cost-effective, budget-friendly solution for the entire warehousing and storage services.

Transport solution that helps you ship and replenishes at a pace

If you are looking to ship your items to your partners, we can help you quickly. Pakkhilji would fill your product to distributors at convenience. The transport service is budget-friendly, which would be much better for you as you would have a warehouse packed with it.

Who can use our service?

Pakkhilji’s services can be used by any individual, business owners, investors, importers, exporters, product manufacturers, industry owners etc. You can contact our team to discuss which type of warehouse and storage you require. We will give you the best service per your needs for Pakistan’s storage and warehousing services provider.

Why us?

  • Decades of experience with multiple companies
  • Flexible warehouses all over the nation
  • 24/7 warehouse inventory management overview
  • Pick and Pack service
  • Modern Equipment to secure
  • Secure with CCTV cameras
  • Qualified and competent staff

Bottom line

Pakkhilji has been serving its customers for decades for their customers. Our professional team has experience managing every type and industry. This is one of the reasons why our customers are returning and trust us in the long run. Our customer support is a top priority. We ensure that our customers, distributors, and agents work hand in hand.

While we handle your warehouse, you can focus on making your business 2X better. We will focus on managing your warehouse inventory storage. You can work on the core value that your business offer. In this way, your business can work better and prosper.

For more information about storage and warehousing services provider in Pakistan, it is the right time to contact us directly to get fantastic offers.

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