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Reliable Domestic Cargo Services in Pakistan

domestic cargo service in pakistan, Packers and Movers in Pakistan

Are you looking for affordable and professional domestic cargo service in Pakistan? Well, Pak Khilji is one of the best companies to help you. With decades of experience and business running in the family, we have helped thousands of people for cargo in Pakistan.

Our domestic cargo service in Pakistan is secure, fast and reliable nationwide. We offer you door-to-door domestic cargo services guaranteed to be delivered on time. We understand that you are carrying luggage at times when you are a travel person is hard. Even business owners in that aspect, we have assured you to help you throughout your cargo journey.

Advantages of hiring us:

Decades of Experience Handling

Pak Khilji has years of experience in domestic cargo services, as the business has been running for four generations. Throughout our journey, we have experienced every large- and small-scale company, which makes us a better fit for your domestic cargo. We are always ready to deliver on-demand urgently. We handle urgent delivery orders whether it is small or large furniture order. We understand your urgency, so we keep that our top priority.

Technology-Based Innovative Dispatch Method

We have adapted to the latest technology and innovated our decades-old business. A computerised system entirely monitors our domestic cargo. This ensures that our company remains transparent and up to date. Our team of professionals includes IT enthusiasts who ensure the order is dispatched and tracked on time.

Fast and Effective

One of the reasons why you should choose Pak Khilji is that we are very fast with your orders. We ensure that it will be done if you are looking for the prompt delivery today, tomorrow or any time. domestic cargo service in Pakistan is no doubt a very multi-tasking work for companies like us, but what makes us best at it is experience and team collaboration.

Safe and Secure Handling

When you consider us, you must be sure that your luggage, material, or whatever item is in safe hands. We have security systems that track all our orders, so nothing goes missing. Everything is securely handled, from picking up your item to packing and delivering it to your doorstep. We handle every item with care, from delicate glass items to large furniture. We have various sorts of packing to export your materials properly.

Storage and quick distribution

Pak Khilji have various storage centres where we keep your products safe and handle them well before sending. The distribution is completely handled under Our workplace shifting department combines the speed, comfort and protection of a neighbourhood logistics carrier with the assets of a conventional shifting carrier.

Warehouse service that you can utilise

Our workplace shifting division combines the speed, comfort and safety of a unique logistics provider with the coffers of a standard transferring service. We can cross your workplace or containers on brief note in as little as two hours with low hourly minimums. We insure well-timed ‘ factor ’ pick-out and drop-offs of your place. Monitor and check at particulars stations that products that want to be disposed of are safely taken.

Customer assistance first

Our workplace shifting division combines the speed, comfort and safety of a unique logistics provider with the coffers of a standard transferring service. We can cross your workplace or containers on brief note in as little as two hours with low hourly minimums. We insure well timed ‘ factor ’ pick out up and drop offs of your cabinetwork, IT outfit, trial factor accoutrements , tournament accoutrements and particulars that want to be disposed. We additionally provide quilting and crating to go your particulars with little to no superior notice.


Why should you hire Pak Khilji?

  • Professional Team

  • Equipped with Modern Tool Techniques

  • Corporate Relocation Experience

  • Honesty & Reliability

  • belongings in their hands.

  • Best-Quality Packing Materials

  • Reliable Rates

  • On-Time Delivery


The Pak Khilji is full of skilled consultants keen to assist with whatever you need. We’ll discuss you through every step of the cross and reply to your questions — over the telephone and online.

Not certain the great way to pack your items? Worried about needing a necessary shifting task? We’ve obtained checklists and how-to courses to get you through. And if you want more help, we’re available.

At Pak Khilji, we understand how precious your time is, which is why we adapt to your enterprise wants and agenda by means of supplying bendy shifting timeframes that no longer intrude with your day-by-day activities. Whether you want to pass a single desktop or a complete inventory, you can count the number on us.

We make it convenient to control your shipments and logistics online, from discovering a fee and making bookings to submitting archives and monitoring domestic cargo service in Pakistan.


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