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About Us

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Discover about Pak Khilji Movers

We are leading in moving business

Pak Khilji is a renowned name in the Packers & Movers category. We provide top of the tier services to our customers with the help of our professional staff and high-end equipment and vehicles. Company does not only ensure the professional way of performing the services by our employees. Our company also value the timely delivery of it.

We Bring Professionalism To Everything We Do

Our Leadership

Our leadership outlined the vision of Pak Khilji Movers and Packers company back in 1931.

Haji Nizamuddin Khilji (1931-1955)

Haji Ghulam Ali Khilji (1955-2006)

Haji M. Ali Khilji        (1965-1993)

Haji Mansab Ali Khilji (1993-Present)

Brief History

Ghulam Ali khilji progressed from the same place his father has left, soon after partition in 1947. He was a man of principles and served humanity in the best way possible. He had a heart for humanity and served it through political grounds also.

Later, the vision was put forth by Haji Muhammad Ali khilji. He lengthened it to Sukkur accompanied by his ancestors’ vision and mission. The impressive attributes he inherited from his forefathers made him famous nationwide and he became trustworthy in the eyes of clients by providing the best services throughout the country. He was the man of honor and believe in honoring what his father has done.

Eras need being changing and becoming lavished so Haji Mansab Ali khilji, son of Haji Muhammad Ali Khilji, strengthened their business with his innovative era demanding skills and firmed the roots in Lahore also. He came up with his new techniques of the most systematic way of goods transportation, serving people in abroad also. His operating skills enabled his departments deal delicately with the goods of their clients and providing the best mover services in Pakistan. Form here the business roots prevailed and khilji group expanded to various other businesses.

Thus, the khilji empire of packers and movers are becoming dominant among their competitors too and becoming stronger with the tides of time at national and international grounds both.
Why Pak Khilji Goods Transport Company Services?

There is for sure no one who puts as much effort in removals in Lahore as Pak Khilji Goods Transport Company. We like to get it done right, which is why we undertake all our removal tasks with more care and concerns than any other removal company.

Our Team

The awesome people behind our brand and their moto.



Be the Best, rather than the Biggest! Pak Khilji is about being the Best!



The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.



Understanding what the customers want and delivery them exactly that is the key to success!



Believes in Excellent Operational Work

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